University statements follow-on

BFSP will seek to actively engage with the Office for Students, and its Director of Free Speech and Academic Freedom, about standards and requirements which are needed practice for securing free speech. This project has the input and support of groups which are interested in free speech. Any number of organisations can refer to our […]

Universities introduction

Free speech, academic freedom, and diversity of viewpoint are vital to a free and tolerant society. They are under serious threat at our universities and other Higher Education Providers (together, “HEPs”), which is an evolving disaster for academics and students – and for our society. It is, though, clear that the extent and onerous nature […]

Areas of Focus

Our first project relates to English universities and other higher education providers. We intend to produce similar statements for Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish institutions in due course. Future projects may include:

Home blurb

Free speech, academic freedom and diversity of viewpoint need defending. The BFSP project will work to clarify and promote what the legal requirements and wider best practice are in various areas for doing this, starting with universities. There is, however, little clarity about what best practice for the promotion and securing of free speech looks […]