University statements follow-on

BFSP will seek to actively engage with the Office for Students, and its Director of Free Speech and Academic Freedom, about standards and requirements which are needed practice for securing free speech.

This project has the input and support of groups which are interested in free speech. Any number of organisations can refer to our statements as a reference point for their own work, and are welcome to do so subject to the terms about copyright and use of relevant documents set out here. Achieving consistency across multiple organisations about the standards required should be of general benefit. And if other organisations are saved expense on research and development, so much the better.

What constitutes best free speech practice will evolve over the years. There is plenty of agreement as to the general principles for securing free speech, but less about what that requires in practice. We will keep alert to evolving standards and practices.

We believe that BFSP, with co-operation from other free speech campaigns, can significantly improve the level of protection of free speech by universities over the coming years.